Brand: Nguồn điện liên tục - Opti UPS

DS-D33 200-320KVA

• True galvanic isolation design ensures that such serious AC mains problems as noise, lightning effects or leakage current do not reach your systems.
• Protection from the accidental disconnection of the neutral wire ensures the safety of the UPS and the stability of the power supply.
• Protection from incorrect operation ensures that violating the operation procedures will not lead to UPS or connected equipment damage.
• The use of up-to-date DSP, IGBT and switching components ensures the high reliability and efficiency of the UPS.
• Multi-CPU design increases the system reliability.
• Plug-and-play design and easy access to boards ensures the fastest and easiest UPS maintenance.
• Individual inverter for each phase ensures stable work under completely unbalanced load.
• Intelligent charger with temperature compensation feature ensures the longest possible battery life. The adjustable level of charging current allows the UPS to work with large battery banks for long backup time.
• Intelligent battery test logics eliminate the possibility of power supply interruption during battery test in case of batteries being bad. Provides the detection of battery electrolyte leakage and improper battery grounding.
• Intelligent fan speed control increases the fan life expectancy and reduces the audible noise.
• Advanced heat abstraction design by physical separation of the power and control circuitry ensures the smooth operation of the UPS under most harsh conditions.
• Cold start function makes it possible to start the UPS even when AC mains are not providing the power.
• 12-pulse rectifier ensures reduced harmonics for UPS with capacities of 80KVA and higher.
• Input harmonic filter reduces the Total Harmonic Distortion (T.H.D.) of the UPS.
• Parallel operation makes it possible to upgrade the UPS to a larger capacity. 

Model Name DS400KD33 DS500KD33
Topology True On-Line, Double Conversion
On-battery output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Maximum Capacity 400KVA / 320KW 500KVA / 400KW
Nominal Input Voltage 380 / 400 / 415Vac
Input Phase and Wire 3 Phase 4 Wire and ground
Nominal Input Frequency 50 / 60 Hz ± 7%
Input Voltage Range Rated Voltage ± 20%
Rectification Pulse 6 pulses or 12 pulses (optional)
Output Voltage 380 / 400 / 415Vac
Output Phase and Wire 3 Phase 4 Wire and ground
Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Frequency Lock Range ±5 Hz
THD (Linear Load) < 5 %
Output Voltage Regulation Rated Voltage ± 1%
Transfer Time (Typical) 0 ms
Start on battery Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Operation UPS bypasses as the inverter and the utility are synchronized
Efficiency 99.50%
Voltage 397V
Current 40A 50A
Charge Time to 90% (Typical) <4 Hours
Configuration Battery Pack with 12V×29 pcs
Backup time Depends on overall battery capacity
Overload Protection UPS shuts down at 110% load after 15 mins, at 135% load after 10 mins or 150% load after 30 secs
Over Current Protection Circuit breaker
Operation Temperature 0~40°C / 32~104°F
Storage Temperature -25~55°C / -13~130°F
Ambient operation 0 - 95% Non condensing
Audible Noise < 80 dBA
Physical / Packing (L×W×H)
in 31.5×130×63 / 37.4×147.6×73.6 31.5×173.2×63 / 37.4×196.9×73.6
mm 800×3300×1600 / 950×3750×1870 800×4400×1600 / 950×5000×1870
Weight lbs 9394 / 9637 10771 / 11013
(Net / Gross) kg 4265 / 4375 4890 / 5000