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LS Central, formerly known and LS NAV, is one of the world’s top all-in-one retail and hospitality solution provided by LS Retail. LS Central is built on the robust and reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) platform.

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LS Central, formerly known and LS NAV, is one of the world’s top all-in-one retail and hospitality solution provided by LS Retail. LS Central is built on the robust and reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) platform. With over 110,000 outlets and millions of users worldwide, spanning various retail and hospitality verticals, LS Central is flexible and adaptable solution that will meet all your needs. LS Retail’s strategy for LS Central is Unified Commerce from a single platform, that covers the entire business, and helps you streamline your business processes, and at the same time, provide a seamless shopping and dining experience across all channels.

Key Benefits

Unify online and physical stores
Deliver a consistent experience across channels, and manage in one platform sales,
inventory, prices, campaigns, offers and more for your physical and online stores.

Unify processes and software
Stop doing the same work many times on different systems. Get in one single platform
financials (the Microsoft ERP), Point of Sale (POS), store operations, supply chain
management, inventory, eCommerce, and customer loyalty.

Unify industries and brands
Manage all your businesses in your portfolio (from retail, to food, to events, to hospitality)
within one solution with deeply specialized industry functionality.

Unify information
Stop wasting hours looking for information across different databases. Get a single point
of truth about your inventory, operations and customers, and access data analytics and
sales from anywhere.

Reaching out to customers

LS Central Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Central work as a single software, with one common environment. All your
information is collected in one database and flows seamlessly, and automatically, between Business Central and LS Central and back.

Point Of Sales

The LS Central POS is easy to use and able to provide POS users with a central view of all information needed from products items, pricing and promotion to customer specific data such as member club, preferences and transactions history.

The LS Central POS has ready-to-use templates for different users in different retail vertical business from groceries to F&B. If you wish to have your own POS layout, color and command buttons and language, it is easy with just few steps to configure.

LS Central POS can be used on web-browser or on mobile device at either online or offline mode. LS Central POS provides smart clientele app for store staff, as well as trendy apps for shoppers such as self-order, self-checkout, contactless payment.

Price And Offer

LS Central provides a central and comprehensive tool for pricing and promotions from Head Office. You can set multiple prices for Items in different store locations, date and time, for different units of measures, customer loyalty level.

Promotions appear as a temporary price change. You can set up various types of offers and decide which condition should trigger the promotion – by transaction amount, customer groups, payment types, coupons, etc.

More than that, LS Central allows a great number of offer combinations that enables you to activate more than one promotion at the same time without relying on salesperson to remember which offers are active.

Loyalty Member Management

  • Loyalty member management is about keeping track of loyalty customers and staff with the ability to offer them special offers, prices and services. The loyalty program in LS Central offers:

Unlimited number of member accounts and clubs.

Points collection. Use points as a payment.

Lower item price by using points.

Discounts that are only valid for members

Frequent buyer program – only valid for members.

Member campaigns.

Discount tracking.

ScanPayGo, the new generation loyaty app, enables your modern loyalty customers to easily enage with you through their mobile devices with capabilities of scanning on the go, creating shopping list and share with friends and family, viewing offers, promotions and coupons, creating their basket, paying in app or at a self-service POS.

Optimal Stock Management

One of the main building blocks of LS Central is the Stock Planning and Operation optimization tools set.

Budgets and Open-to-buy allows you to take control of capital you invest in products by sales cycles. Budgets can be calculated from historical data with limitless budget levels, such as by to stores, items and days, using either top-down or bottom-up approach. With flexible parameters, the system can automatically generate Open-to-buy proposals for you.

Replenishment and Store Stock Redistribution are other powerful tools designed to support the purchase and warehouse department with what to order for the warehouses and the stores, to avoid out-of-stock situations, and to have the right items at the right place at the right time.

Staff Management

The staff management system helps you plan staff rosters fast and easy, handle staff hours and set salary codes. Schedule shifts, estimate costs and compare the estimate to your budget to make sure your business is always operating in profit.

The system can also calculate staff commissions and has a number of loss prevention modules, warning you in case of suspicious activity at the POS. Check your employees’ sales history and make sure that you always employ the right staff for your business.

eCommerce for LS Central

eCommerce for LS Central is the platform that enables you to integrate completely web, mobile and in-store commerce services. You can use eCommerce for LS Central to create an e-commerce platform with exceptional levels of transaction flexibility and seamless fluidity. Since information on items, prices and discounts is maintained in your management system, your online store always contains up-to-date product information. eCommerce for LS Central offers out-of-the box integration with various best-known global eCommerce platform providers such as Shopify, Magento, Avensia, Dynamicweb. It is open for you to integrate with other 3rd party platform of your organization.

Whether you customers order from your website or their mobile app, with Click and Collect features, you can let them decide how to receive their purchases, either collect it in a selected store or have it delivered.

Finance Management

The Financial Management feature of Dynamics 365 Business Central supports daily Financial Accounting operation by effective modules such as General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash & Bank, Fixed Assets.

Financial Management also combines various aspects of finance such as cash flow management, cost and activity accounting, as well as internal and external reporting.

Taxes and Accounting Localization packages available for various countries allow businesses to comply with their local specific taxes and accounting requirements.

Analytics For LS Central

With hundred reports, Analytics for LS Central gives you instant access to retail business KPIs from any device, including the mobile phone, or web browser, taking business decision making to the next level. Eliminate the need to make decisions based on feelings and improve your store performance by accessing the data you’re already generating in a more productive and consumable manner. Whether you operate a single store location or a multi-chain operation, LS Insight gives you the information you need to better know your customer base and increase store performance.


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