Ring – 8012PMH+

Hiệu suất cao, đáng tin cậy và bền. Tủ thép bị trật bánh. 8,5 inch inch 300 dpi, 6 inch / giây. Chế độ xử lý tốc độ cao bằng CPU 32-bit RISC. Bộ nhớ flash 16MB SDRam và 4MB

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– Hiệu suất cao, đáng tin cậy và bền.
– Tủ thép bị trật bánh
– 8,5 inch inch 300 dpi, 6 inch / giây
– Chế độ xử lý tốc độ cao bằng CPU 32-bit RISC
– Bộ nhớ flash 16MB SDRam và 4MB
– Tắt chế độ theo tiêu chuẩn
– Nhãn phần mềm và trình điều khiển cửa sổ
– Các tùy chọn khác nhau

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RING 8012PMH Specification 
PRINT METHOD *Thermal Transfer/Direct Thermal
*Harmonic(History Control Print Head)
DOT RESOLUTION 300 dpi/ 11.8 dot per mm
PRINT SPEED 1″- 6″/sec.(15mm – 150mm/sec.)
PRINT WIDTH 8.6″/219mm
PRINT LENGTH 25.5″/650mm
*4MB Flash memory(Up to 16MB as option)
MEDIA TYPE *Die cut labels
*Butt cut Labels tags
*Tag stock
*Roll stock(Continuous s/o die cuts)
*Fan Fold
MEDIA WIDTH *8.8″/226mm
MEDIA THICKNESS *0.0025″ to 0.01″/0.0635mm to 0.254mm
SUPPLY ROLL CAPACITY *9″/220mm maximum diameter(6″/150mm max for I.Rewinder)
RIBBON ROLL CAPACITY *3″/78mm maximum diameter
CABINET *All steel cabinet
LCD DISPLAY *2 lines by 16 characters(Alpha/Numeric)
*Back Light
SENSORS *Ribbon sensor (Reflective method)
*Label sensor(Transmit method)
*Media Home position sensor
(Transmit-Auto calibration method)
ERROR INDICATORS *Label/Ribbon empty
*Head open
(Each error is notified by buzzer and LCD)
BAR CODE *Code39, Code93, Code128, NW7, 2 of 5(Industrial, Matrix and Interleaved), EAN-JAN 13/8, UPC-A/E, EAN128, QR Code,PDF417, Data Matrix, Maxi Code, RSS
FONTS-CHARACTER SIZE IN DOTS *8 character sets(Alpha/Numeric and symbols)8×8, 12×12, 16×16, 16×24, 24×24, 24×26, 32×40, 48×60
Expansion is 1-10 and 16 times
(Both directions)
*5-OCRB character sets(4 Numeric and 1 Alpha/Numeric)
Numeric-16×18, 24×27, 32×36 and 40×45
NOTE : Should not expand
Scalable Smooth Fonts,32-720 Dot width, 32-720 Dot length
Italic Slant Programmable 10, 15 and 20 degrees. NOTE : 8-31 Dots printing is available but must be matched properly with speed and media
*Downloadable font
PRINTING MODES & FUNCTIONS *Peel off, Tear off(demand type)with label back feed for top of label printing.
*Batch printing(Stip-for continous printing of labels. Can be used with optional External Rewinder)
*Butt cut label printing(Requires optional back side mark sensor)
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE FEATURES *Advanced Label marking language-ALL
*ALL commmand are all ASCII characters. This allows flexibility with many environments and platforms
*Easy to program and format printing areas
*Pixel programming allows expanded area of up to 4 times
Four direction print rotation(0,90,180 & 270 degrees)
Reverse print and area fill in
*Mirror print
*Half Tones
*Lines, dotted lines, angle lines and boxes
Bit image data transfer and printing
*Downloadable graphics, text, font and formats to optional memory card
*Character Set(Code page)table
*Communication and print functions
*RLE data compression
*Graphic supported AIM, AIX, BMP, PCX(Monochrome only)
*Print Density
*Label Print Position
*Cutting Position
*Thermal Transfer/Direct Thremal
*Test Printing
*RS232/to 115,200 baud rate, Line Control-RS-CS, XON-XOFF, ER-DR, Stop Bits, Parity, Data length
POWER SOURECE Multiple Power supply, Industrial standard, 115 volts +-10% AC50/60 HZ, 240 volts +-10% AC 50/60 HZ, Built to UL/CSA safety standard and FCC emissions standards.
ENVIRONMENTAL *Operating temperature 41 to 104 fahrenheit /5 to 40 Centigrade
*Relative humidity below 85% Non-condensing
*Ventilation : Air Movement
*Dust:Non-Conducting, Non-Corrosive
OPTIONS *Cutter(Slide type)
*Cutter(Non stop rotary type)
*External Label Stocker
*8MB Flash memory
*LAN interface 100 Base-TX/10 Base-T(TCP/IP Protocol)
SOFTWARE *BarTender Ultra Lite Plus
*Windows Drivers
DIMENSIONS *14.3″W x 13.1″H x 16.9″D(365mmW x 335mmH x 430mmD)
WEIGHT *50lb/23kg


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